Craftsman Tool & Mold Company

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The Clear Choice for Custom Mold Bases


Craftsman Tool & Mold Company
The Clear Choice for Custom Mold Bases

Call us now. 630.851.8700

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Hampton Inn Naperville
1087 E Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563
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Marriot Courtyard Naperville
1155 E Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563
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Customer Feedback

"Thank you once again for stopping by. Really good to maintain good working relationships. I personally liked the work you did for us and will definitely suggest to use Craftsman for our upcoming projects. My first 3 complete molds here were the ones you guys built. You guys came through and made me look good. That was awesome. Like I said, thanks again and hope to be in touch soon.

Who we are...

Craftsman Tool & Mold creates precision, Stack Mold Bases and Rotational Spin Stack Mold Bases, for the Multi-Shot injection mold industry across North and South America. Many of the mold base programs Craftsman Mold Bases spearheads, directly, target the In-Mold Labeling (IML) and In-Mold Assembly (IMA) areas of specialty. Craftsman Mold Base customers rely heavily on Craftsman’s ability to achieve stringent tolerances and alignment in their manufacturing of their mold base programs. Cavitation requirements often exceed 144 cavities and have tolerances often times in microns.

Mold Bases

  • Stack Bases
  • Rotational Spin Stack Bases
  • Multi Cavity Bases
  • Multi Shot Bases
  • Gallery
  • Gun Drilling
  • CNC
  • Grinding
  • CAD Data



Craftsman Tool & Mold Company

2750 Church Road
Aurora, Illinois 60502-9706

Phone: 630/851-8700
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