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The Clear Choice for Custom Mold Bases


Craftsman Tool & Mold Company
The Clear Choice for Custom Mold Bases

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Stack Mold Bases

As technology and trends in injection molding change, Stack Molds can effectively double and triple the output of an injection molding machines production. Today it is possible to double the Cavitatiies in a thin wall packaging mold by utilizing a stack mold configuration. It all starts with the most stable foundation, “the Mold Base”, this is where it all begins. Craftsman Mold Bases give you that peace of mind engineering your 2,3, and 4 level stack molds, to design your parts to the most stringent of tolerances, many times to.0002", and not sacrifice on the foundation of the mold. These bases are ideal for tools requiring In Mold Labeling (IML) and In Mold Close (IMC).

 Stack Mold applications can be: Thin Wall Packaging applications, Caps and Closures, Ice Cream Containers, Cups, Butter Tubs etc.

Customer Feedback

"I will make it simple and sweet………………….The comments from the shop concerning this Moldbase that you made for us……..Well I will put it in the exact terms as was said in the shop (Hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone)"This Thing Is Bitchin"…."Perfect"….this is right from the mouths of 2 tool makers here while they were doing the incoming tear-down and full inspection… Please let everyone at your facility “Great Job”
Icing on the cake is that we are going to make our customers accelerated due date….
Good Job!"

Who we are...

Craftsman Tool & Mold creates precision, Stack Mold Bases and Rotational Spin Stack Mold Bases, for the Multi-Shot injection mold industry across North and South America. Many of the mold base programs Craftsman Mold Bases spearheads, directly, target the In-Mold Labeling (IML) and In-Mold Assembly (IMA) areas of specialty. Craftsman Mold Base customers rely heavily on Craftsman’s ability to achieve stringent tolerances and alignment in their manufacturing of their mold base programs. Cavitation requirements often exceed 144 cavities and have tolerances often times in microns.

Mold Bases

  • Stack Bases
  • Rotational Spin Stack Bases
  • Multi Cavity Bases
  • Multi Shot Bases
  • Gallery
  • Gun Drilling
  • CNC
  • Grinding
  • CAD Data



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